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Balsløw A/S is a family owned company with 75 years of experience. Through the years we have been focusing on production and sales of different kind of ribbons and accessories - all for the textile business.

We were founded in Copenhagen in 1946 under the name of Fred B. Balsløw A/S. We started as a wholesale company and sold textiles all over Denmark.

in 1965 we established a production unit in Hadsund, Denmark. Focus were on diecutting of textile fabrics and production of shirt collars. We also produced diffrent kind of textile ribbons, which is still a part of our product range today.

In the end of the 1980'ties we started a production of printed fabric labels, which is also a part of our company today. To expand our product range we aquired in the middle of the 1990'ties a label manufacturer by the name Hensgen A/S. We changed our company name to Balsløw-Hensgen A/S and sold toi our customers both printed and woven labels together with hang-tags and different textile ribbons.

Around 2000 we outsourced part of our prodcution line to subcontractors in the Far East. We were now soley focusing on production of printed labels and textile ribbons in our production facilities in Denmark, while other accessories were sourced directly from subcontractors.

in 2007 we opened our own office in Hong Kong. The primary reason was to offer stock - and distribution facilities in the geographical areas, where our customers had their primary production facilities. Secondly, the reason was to stregthen our sourcing capabilities of goods, which we did not produce ourself.

Balsløw A/S is today a competitive and international company with a unique combination of own production facilities in Denmark and ourcing company in Hong Kong. We have changed our name to Balsløw A/S to symbolise we are a family owned business with deep historical roots in the danish textile industry.