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Our high demands and focus on the best possible quality and fast delivery time requires we maintain our production facilities here in Denmark. Our many years of experience with both textile ribbons and different specialised printing techniques, makes us a reliable and wellknown supplier in our field of business.

Our own production facilities in Denmark result in a continuosly quality assurance and internal control with the whole value chain, which also makes us flexible in terms of quick changes in our production. We are able to deal with both small and large orders.

The value chains for textile ribbons and printing are often mixed together, and our own internal control of both types of production are very important for our possibilities to coordinate and cope with changes in customer damands.

Our internal graphical department is also helping to minimize the respons time from first customer contact to final delivery of the product. The direct internal contact between design and production is also an important parameter to optimize the cooperation and minimize the technical problems in the printing processes.